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                                        Photographic Art
Dick Wilberforce Photography
15129 FM 3044, Canadian, Texas 79014
“I’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy documenting God’s creatures and the outdoor world for over half a century. You can’t ask for a more challenging or rewarding life than one working with nature and the people who respect and enjoy birds and wildlife.”
Photographer Dick Wilberforce

Limited Edition Photographs: Quality images on quality materials, your choice from Thousands of stock photos, hand signed by Dick Wilberforce. (up to 30”X40”)

Art Cards: A selection of Dick’s most popular and favorite photos formatted on a quality greeting card intentionally left blank for your own personal message.

Dick Wilberforce has had a life long love of nature and wildlife. Born in Colorado in 1932, he has spent much of his life in and around the animal world. His love of photography began at the age of twelve, when his parents bought him a Kodak 127 model camera. Wilberforce enjoyed capturing domestic and wildlife images with his Kodak camera. Through the years he improved his skill, technique and equipment.

Dick Wilberforce has become one of the benchmarks in the world of Animal Photographic Art. His vast knowledge has frequently been sought in consulting for wildlife and range management. Dick Wilberforce’s images range from Bobwhite Quail to African Big Game.

As a veteran outdoor photographer, Dick Wilberforce’s images have graced over 125 magazine covers, some of which include the Elk Foundation’s Bugle, Ducks Unlimited, Quail Unlimited, Wild Bird, Birders World, Quarter Horse Journal, Wing and Shot, Wild Fowl, and Gun Dog.

Dick Wilberforce accepts commissions for outdoor photography. He specializes in dogs, horses, cattle and wildlife and has a current personal catalog of over 10,000 images. Stock photos are available, from greeting cards to 30”X40” prints.

If your collection does not contain a Wilberforce, then your collection is not complete.
Partial Index of Imagery
*American Bison * American Pronghorn * Bobwhite Quail * Scaled Quail * White-Tail Deer * Bighorn Sheep * Longhorn Cattle *
*Various Bird Wildlife * Lesser Prairie Chicken * Coyotes * Owls * North American Waterfowl * Turkey * Horses * Hunting Dogs * * Livestock * Pheasant * Bobcats * Elephants * Mountain Gorillas * Sage Grouse * Mule Deer * Mountain Lion *
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Contact Dick or Geri Wilberforce at:
Photographic Art by Wilberforce
15129 FM 3044
Canadian, Texas 79014
(806) 323-9868
All Images on this website are the copyright of Dick Wilberforce and may be acquired by his permission only.